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Are you in love with a historic home and want to renovate it? Our network of custom home building professionals in Sumter, South Carolina has your back!

In all honesty, historic home renovation is not an easy process. Why? Because remodeling them comes with a set of challenges.

For instance, you might not be allowed to add square footage when remodeling a historic house. Also, replacing bedroom, dining room, and lounge windows can get pretty expensive.

Additionally, replacing the roof of a historic home is another issue. You have to use the same materials utilized in the original rooftop – which can be challenging to find and costly to repair.

What’s more, deciding on an appropriate paint can sometimes be a hard row to hoe. That is, historic homes often have unusual color combinations, and you’d probably want to remodel them per the existing trends.

Deciding on a suitable theme is yet another challenge. But guess what? Our experts in Sumter, South Carolina gives the finest possible remodeling and restoring historic home services even with all these challenges.

Our experts determine the specific restrictions and offer reliable solutions to restructure the home.

Yes, it isn’t an easy process; our team makes it easy for you!


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No historic home remodel job is too big or too small for our experienced Sumter team!

Remodeling historic Sumter properties and restoring them

As a homeowner, you must preserve the unique features of historic homes. Otherwise, why buy one anyway?

So, while your local home builder might tell you otherwise, they just do so to make work easier for themselves and increase overall payment.

Our network of custom home building professionals aim to give a luxurious touch to your historic property and not destroy its initial structure.

For instance, if the original home flooring is wood, our experts would not replace or rip it (even if it’s subject to wear and tear). Instead, they’d buff it to remove the stains and scratches and make it shiny and new.

Our network of custom home building professionals only exchange specific parts that do not crush the soul of your historic home. For instance, they would replace something like a non-operational oven in your kitchen. Our team of Home Builders Sumter South Carolina would swap it with a modern one that works and fits well in your home.

Our network of custom home building professionals try their earnest efforts to preserve the kitchen and bathroom layout. Speaking of, they would not rip the ceiling off your bathroom or demolish its flooring. Instead aim to replace the broken fixtures or molded, old, good-for-nothing bathtubs.

Energy efficiency is our experts primary goal when customizing homes. Since historic homes are old, you’ll probably face energy efficiency issues.

Our network of custom home building professionals make your home environmentally friendly by reducing your heating, cooling, and electricity costs. For instance, they replace old light bulbs with LEDs.

Yes, finding LEDs that go with existing fixtures is yet another challenge. Our experts try our utmost to take it up and make significant, positive changes in your home.

Moving forward, our experts also make your home eco-friendly by swapping old shower heads and toilets with the ones that utilize less water.

Though our network of custom home building professionals rarely suggest replacing doors, they preserve the spirit of older homes. Our team have no choice but to swap them if they’re worn out. The same goes for the windows. But plan replacements wisely and keep your budget and affordability in mind.